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Clients and projects

Since 2000, Mark Speer has worked on numerous projects for a variety of clients engaged in different fields (science and technology, development cooperation and architecture, among others) as a translator and editor for Speer Translations, Contactivity and Speer Publications. Below is a selection of projects managed by Speer Publications.

Cover of Experiment NL

The Dutch Research Council (NWO) supports a strong system of sciences in the Netherlands by encouraging quality and innovation in science in order to tackle social challenges, promote economic development and better understand the world. 

Projects include translations of evaluation reports of the Gravitation projects, press releases for the annual Spinoza awards and the Vidi, Vici and Veni grants, and Experiment NL, NWO’s annual magazine that collects stories about exciting and pioneering Dutch scientific research. Experiment NL was rebranded as Results in 2019. More recently, Mark has translated communications about the effect of COVID-19 on the application and rewarding of grants.

Logo TU-Delft

TU Delft
The Delft University of Technology is one of the world’s leading technology universities. The 3mE faculty carries out groundbreaking research to develop innovative applications and arrive at new fundamental insights in the fields of mechanical, maritime and materials engineering. 

Projects include the translation of 3mE’s bi-weekly newsletter for the faculty’s intranet, as well as other related assignments. In 2020, Mark translated internal communications for the 3mE faculty related to COVID-19 and its ramifications for both students and faculty.

cover IOB Synthesis Report

Ministry of Foreign Affairs/IOB
IOB, the policy evaluation department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, carries out programme evaluation studies with the aim of gaining better insight into the implementation and effects of Dutch foreign policy and development cooperation. 

Projects include the editing and translation of various IOB evaluation reports and studies over the years, including reviews of the budget support instrument, Return on aid for Dutch exports, Transition and inclusive development in sub-Saharan Africa, Mind the governance gap (an evaluation of the Dutch government’s policy on international responsible business conduct), and IOB’s annual reports. In 2020, Speer Publications translated IOB’s new website into English.

cover ICT Update 66

CTA, the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, aims to strengthen policy and institutional capacity development, and the information and communication capabilities of agricultural and rural development organizations in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. CTA is funded by the European Union and has its headquarters in Wageningen.

Projects include responsibility for the entire production process for ICT Update, CTA’s bimonthly magazine in English and French: editing, translation, layout, printing, distributing, uploading, and creation of PDF and e-book versions of articles. Mark also reported on an ICT4Ag conference in Kigali, Rwanda as a journalist for ICT Update.

LEI-Wageningen UR logo

LEI – Wageningen UR
LEI Wageningen UR is an independent and internationally leading research institute that offers governments and companies socio-economic advice for sound policies and better decision-making.

Speer Publications writes executive summaries and edits reports for LEI – Wageningen UR in the field of agriculture. Publications include Valuation of livestock eco-agri-food systems: poultry, beef and dairy, The Impact of UTZ certification on cocoa producers in Ghana, and The impact of UTZ certification of cocoa in the Ivory Coast.

cover Essay on Gardening

Architectura & Natura
Architectura & Natura is one of the best-known architecture publishers and bookshops on the European mainland.

Projects include the translation from Dutch into English of books on architecture, landscape architecture and gardening, such as Essay on Gardening by Henk Gerritsen, Landscapology by Paul van Beek and Charles Vermaas, Dom Hans van der Laan: Tomellila by Caroline Voet and The Wandering Maker by Machiel Spaan, among many others.

Logo Quest

Quest is the Netherlands’ leading popular science magazine based in Amsterdam. Projects include translations of a series of Quest articles for the American market and texts for other projects.

Logo Max Havelaar

Max Havelaar Foundation
The Max Havelaar Foundation is an independent non-profit organization that licenses use of the Fairtrade Certification Mark on products in the Netherlands in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards.

Projects include translating letters to the House of Representatives of the Netherlands and studies on sustainable food production.

Image City and Ports

Acquire Publishing
Acquire is a publishing company that operates in the areas of public space, mobility, construction, architecture and infrastructure. The company brings together more than 60,000 professionals via its magazines, websites, newsletters and social channels.

Projects include translating into English all of the texts for the plenary sessions, workshops, debates and presentations for the 2018 Ports and the City conference held by the city of Nijmegen.

Logo ACE Europe

ACE Europe
ACE Europe is a consultancy firm based in Belgium that conducts evaluations of projects and programmes in developing countries.

Projects include the editing of three country reports – Cambodia, Colombia and Niger – and a synthesis report regarding the TUCP programme implemented by CNV Internationaal.

Image The City at Eye Level

Stipo is a multi-disciplinary consultancy team for urban strategy and city development.

Speer Publications translated The City at Eye Level, Stipo’s publication about public space as the backbone of a sustainable city – driven by placemaking and good plinths (active ground floors) and a people-centred approach based on the user’s experience.

cover Opportunities for a Circular Economy in the Netherlands

TNO, the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research, is an independent research organization whose mission is to ‘connect people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society’. TNO works with governments, non-governmental organizations, companies and service providers.

Projects include the translation, editing, design and layout of Opportunities for a Circular Economy in the Netherlands, which investigates how the Dutch government can accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

cover How Columbus Learnt to Fly

European Space Agency
ESA is an inter-governmental organization with 18 member states. Its mission is to shape the development of Europe’s space capability.

Projects for ESA include the editing of The ESA History Project and the Commemorative Colloquium in Honour of George P. van Reeth (1924-2010), both published in 2011, and the editing of How Columbus Learnt to Fly. Originally published in German, this translation, published in 2013, chronicles the 14-day mission in which the European Columbus module was taken to the International Space Station.

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